survey1Aerial-Craft aerial survey systems for mining and quarry sites using accurate photogrammetry triangulation and highly accurate GPS (RTK GNSS) receiver systems offers cm accuracy of area coverage, in ground volumes and stock pile volume reports to within 0.01+/- accuracy.

Due to the high efficiency when using Aerial-Craft UAV survey systems, doing regular periodic quantity comparison surveys can be much lower in cost from traditional labor intensive land based survey methods, and often they will yield a much higher degree of accuracy.

Survey Reports Can Include:-

Both 2D and 3D terrain area coverage data.

Stock Pile volume reporting data

Fill and cut volume reports

High resolution site Arial Photos and Video.Quarry1a

Providing 3D and 2D files for import into other software (DFX,OBJ SHA, FBX and other formats)

Weekly, Monthly and  Annual site progress reporting of the same sites can incur generous package discounts

3D printed model of your site (option)

Using 3D model for inspection and assessment of volume calculations prior to blasting.